Vingerhoet Testimonials

“We were gifted one of your rompers when my son was born, it was absolutely amazing because it wasn’t hard to get a newborn in/out of. He was 9.4 pounds at birth so he went right into the 0-3 months and it fit him perfectly, he wore it very often. It was perfect for the cold winter months when we went out as well as when we stayed in our warm home. It was so cute to pair with hats and moccasins and very versatile with different jackets as well. We loved and will continue to love this brand.” —Sarah

Vingerhoet Thermal Romper

“Hi! We loved the thermal! It was both adorable and perfect for fall weather. I loved it! He wore it all the time.” 

“I received a Vingerhoet onesie for my shower, as a gift from my mother.  It was one of my favorite pieces for my daughter, and reminds me of my time in NY.  Thank you for making a wonderful product, both aesthetically and functionally.”  Xo, —Ashley

Vingerhoet Testimonial

“I love your stuff! so simple and cool. I also love the name.” —Maria

“I’m so excited to buy one of your rompers:) We got some as hand-me-downs and absolutely fell in love.  I will definitely spread the word to expecting friends:) I don’t know how I didn’t see “Brooklyn” on the tag at first and said to myself of course it has to be European, they don’t make stuff like this here!! Thanks, again!!“— Elena

Ready Romper
"...one of my favorites for Jack. As the mother of 5 little people, Kaye has truly thought of the ease of dressing a baby. Plus, the French Terry material is MY FAVORITE!! No buttons. No zippers. No snaps. Easy and sweet. Wash and repeat. Thank goodness we have more than one. Well worth the price!!"

Cap Sleeve Ready Romper
"My aunt gifted me one of your onesies from a store in Brooklyn, (Smoochie Baby) when my daughter was born two years ago. It was our absolute favorite and I’ve lent it out to so many friends since then who saw Poppy in it and asked to borrow it once she outgrew it. This one is a gift for my best friend in Los Angeles, who just had her first baby today! I can’t wait to give it to her, because I know how special and different your onesies are from anything else available."
—Deborah, San Francisco

Vingerhoet Navy Cap Sleeve Ready Romper
"Thanks!! Deklan rocked his outfit this weekend. It was so soft and easy to change him. Plus it washed so well! Can't wait to put him in it again.”
— Erika

Vingerhoet Ready Romper
My daughter introduced me to your product when she brought my granddaughters to visit me one Christmas. The concept design is so very simple and unbelievably easy to use. No snaps, zippers, buttons or hooks to figure out in the middle of the night while trying to change a diaper. I actually found it took the least amount of movement for the baby to change a diaper ! That is critical when you want the change to be quick and easy and get your baby back to sleep! It is intuitive and simple. The material is so very soft and natural. The baby is comfortable and cozy whether using these as nightwear or rompers during the day.
The clothes  are easy to wash and were cleverly designed to allow for plenty of growth and non restrictive movement. The rompers have held up beautifully after repeated washings and retain their shape and softness. I bought several pair for my granddaughters and grandson ( (the long sleeved footed version). Living in New York and Boston during the winter can be very chilly and those babies just seemed so darn cozy and comfortable, and HAPPY in these soft clothes!
I am due to have another  grandson in the next few months and this is a good opportunity to see if there is anything new in the Vingerhoet inventory. I am hopeful that Vingerhoet has been able to add a few more colors to the palette. I know the material they use must meet their exacting standards. The price may startle you at first glance, but honestly, they wear so well and only get better with repeated use!  Regardless, I would  urge anyone out there with infant children or grandchildren to give this concept in infant wear a try. It will become a staple in your baby's everyday clothing needs. It gets my full endorsement. Give it try. You won’t be disappointed.
As an aside, I found that their customer service was extraordinary should you need to contact them. 
— A very satisfied Grandmother

Vingerhoet Cap Sleeve Ready Romper
At just seven weeks old, Eleanor was diagnosed with Sagittal Craniosynostosis. Some of the plates in her skull fused prematurely not allowing proper room for the brain to grow. At 11 weeks old, Eleanor underwent surgery to correct this rare condition. Now that Eleanor is recovering, she will need to wear a helmet for up to a year, for 23 hours a day. Some of the struggles of a helmet-Cranio baby also effect daily activities such as getting dressed. Having a jumpsuit without snaps, zippers, or itchy fibers are hard to come by. She’s loving her Vingerhoet Ready Romper that she can easily slip in to without having to take her helmet off. It’s the little things that make life easier for such a brave little baby!

—Terry Lynn

Vingerhoet Pink Ready Romper
"…how many times have you snapped up baby’s onesie only to be one button off? This mama truly knows the struggle and has designed a product that is not only functional, but fashionable. I can’t wait for my baby to wear hers!”
Vingerhoet Ready Romper
"We received the shorts jumpsuit as a gift, and since we do not know if we are having a boy or a girl, my husband was so excited about the neutral style of the outfit and remarked about how unique it was. I was more exited about the softness of the fabric and the idea of no snaps! We simply CANNOT WAIT to put our little one it it."
— Erika Ehrat
Vingerhoet Testimonial
Vingerhoet Testimonial
Vingerhoet Testimonial
"I was lucky enough to try one of these in the early stages with my third baby. It was incredible! No snaps, zips, or buttons meant super quick, easy changes for my wiggly baby. It was also super soft and comfortable, as well as very stylish and cute. Every time Cooper wore it someone would compliment his outfit and ask where I got it. Now I'm requesting that they are made without the footies so he can continue wearing it now that he's walking!" 
— Angi, mom of Cooper
"I just wanted to share with you how much I'm LOVING your sweet little jump suits!  They are super easy to use and they are so. stinking. cute. I love the simplicity of design & fabric choice. Baby clothes are so over-styled and cutesy, while the simplicity of Vingerhoet jumpsuits are totally my style. I get so many compliments on them, I can't wait for them to get out of the wash and back on the babe!  This is my favorite baby item I own!"
— Chrissy, mom of Laurellai, 6 & Isla 4 months
Vingerhoet Navy Ready Romper
"This is by far my favorite go to jumpsuit to put on my son! The design is so chic and cool. The easy access back flap makes changing his diaper a breeze. We get plenty of compliments in the playground when my little one is wearing the Vingerhoet jumpsuit."
— Brooke, mom of Lev, 7 months
Vingerhoet Testimonial