Vingerhoet Baby Ready Romper, Long sleeve footed, Grey
Ready dressed go! Life’s better in a Ready Romper.


Ready Rompers are fast, easy and hip! 
Snap-free and zipper-free design.

"When my kids were babies I wanted something stylish and easy but I didn't want snaps or I designed my own." —Kaye Vingerhoet Amurao, Owner/Designer

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A Belgian name meaning "Thimble"
(sounds like "vinger-hoyt")

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All garments are hand-sewn in small batches by Owner/Designer Kaye Amurao

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“Bread for all—and roses, too.” 
-Rose Schneiderman, 1911

Vingerhoet No Snaps, No Zippers Baby Ready Romper
No Snaps
No Zippers
Snap-free & Zipper-free Design
a complete outfit in 3 easy steps
Vingerhoet Baby Ready Romper How To Icons


Vingerhoet Baby Ready Romper How To Icons

Knees first

Vingerhoet Baby Ready Romper How To Icons


Ready Romper® — why it's better
Design Benefits

Expandable leg length expands and contracts. Why does this matter? When you pick up your baby or wear them in a carrier, the fabric rides up and pulls on their little toes. Expandable leg length is the key to baby wearing comfort. Your Romper will last longer too, expanding as baby grows.

Lap shoulder collar fits easily over baby's head. Extra long cuffs fold down to so hands are warm andprotect face from little baby nails.

Vingerhoet Baby Ready Romper Benefit Icons
Vingerhoet Baby Ready Romper Benefit Icons
Vingerhoet Baby Ready Romper Benefit Icons
Vingerhoet Baby Ready Romper Benefit Icons
Ready Romper® — why it's better
Design Benefits

The pull-down seat panel is the cutest most functional feature ever, I love it! It's so easy to check and change diapers. The pull-down panel, also helps diapers stay in place, which as we moms know, helps prevent leaks. 

A long shirt tail, keeps baby's back covered, even when you pick your little one up. 


…how many times have you snapped up baby’s onesie only to be one button off? This mama truly knows the struggle and has designed a product that is not only functional, but fashionable. I can’t wait for my baby to wear hers!”

Jenn of my favorites for Jack. As the mother of 5 little people, Kaye has truly thought of the ease of dressing a baby. Plus, the French Terry material is MY FAVORITE!! No buttons. No zippers. No snaps. Easy and sweet. Wash and repeat. Thank goodness we have more than one. Well worth the price!!


"This is by far my favorite go to jumpsuit! The design is so chic and cool. The easy access back flap makes changing his diaper a breeze. We get plenty of compliments in the playground when my little one is wearing the Vingerhoet jumpsuit."  


The concept design is so very simple and unbelievably easy to use. No snaps, zippers, buttons or hooks to figure out in the middle of the night while trying to change a diaper. I actually found it took the least amount of movement for the baby to change a diaper ! That is critical when you want the change to be quick and easy and get your baby back to sleep! It is intuitive and simple.

A Very Satisfied Grandmother

I received a Vingerhoet onesie for my shower, as a gift from my mother.  It was one of my favorite pieces for my daughter, and reminds me of my time in NY.  Thank you for making a wonderful product, both aesthetically and functionally.


I’m so excited to buy one of your rompers:) We got some as hand-me-downs and absolutely fell in love.  I will definitely spread the word to expecting friends:) I don’t know how I didn’t see “Brooklyn” on the tag at first and said to myself of course it has to be European, they don’t make stuff like this here!! Thanks, again!!


My aunt gifted me one of your onesies from a store in Brooklyn, (Smoochie Baby) when my daughter was born two years ago. It was our absolute favorite and I’ve lent it out to so many friends since then who saw Poppy in it and asked to borrow it once she outgrew it. This one is a gift for my best friend in Los Angeles, who just had her first baby today! I can’t wait to give it to her, because I know how special and different your onesies are from anything else available.

Deborah, San Francisco

I love your stuff! so simple and cool. I also love the name.


We were gifted one of your rompers when my son was born, it was absolutely amazing because it wasn’t hard to get a newborn in/out of. He was 9.4 pounds at birth so he went right into the 0-3 months and it fit him perfectly, he wore it very often. It was perfect for the cold winter months when we went out as well as when we stayed in our warm home. It was so cute to pair with hats and moccasins and very versatile with different jackets as well. We loved and will continue to love this brand.

Vingerhoet Baby Ready Romper Design your own Baby Gift
Vingerhoet Baby Ready Romper Design your own Baby Gift
Vingerhoet Baby Ready Romper Design your own Baby Gift
your own
Inquire about a custom style—sleeve & leg length, fabric colors.